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Crushing Despair ([personal profile] gossipgossip) wrote2037-03-15 12:00 am

The Rumour Mill

I try to look around threads to see if there's anything to gossip, so you may well find them discussing your characters' exploits at random, but there'll always be something I haven't caught or that I've missed the significance of. Or maybe there'll be a detail that would be common knowledge to students but that you haven't had a chance to show off. Maybe there's just a little plot that you want building up.

If there's anything that you want the gossips to discuss, let me know here! There's a few restrictions - no big spoilers for your characters (I'm sure you'd rather actually RP those being revealed. Hints are fine, though!) and it has to be something they could reasonably learn. They can't know that Clark Kent is Superman, for example, but they could speculate on how they've never seen them in a room together even though they seem like they'd be a really cute couple.

The information I need is what info you'd like the gossips to deliver and maybe how someone could reasonably learn that.

And just like that, you just might be the next big thing!

Comments are screened. I'll put up new parent comments every time there's a major event, to keep them in some kind of order.

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